Chemicals in warfare.

There have been claims that Syrians have been using chemical warfare on their own people and this has created expressed horror in some on the sideline. It is hard to believe that this would happen when Syria is succeeding in a military way with the aid of Russian help they have arranged. Much is made of the cruelty of these chemical weapons.
I wonder that another false flag occasion is set up to repeat an accusation of poison gas use.
All warfare is cruel in that it is an exercise in killing to obtain power over others. Chemicals in warfare has replaced spears, clubs and arrows. The Chinese found a use for the chemical potassium nitrate in the making of gunpowder which has escalated the killing process in warfare. Chemical nitrates are the main basis of chemical warfare. Cellulose-nitrate and nitro-glycerine are combined in the making of cordite explosives. Tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) has three nitro groups in each molecule increasing the explosive effect because the nitro group in nitrates carries the oxygen to provide the oxidation which releases the explosive energy. When TNT is exploded the chemical oxidation rushes through the chemical at about 6,900 metres per second. Picric acid is 2,4,6 Tri-nitro-phenol which explodes at 7,350 metres per second. Other explosive chemicals are penta-erythirol-nitrate (PETN), and cylco-tri-methylene-tri-nitramine (RDX) which explodes at 8,750 metres per second.
The harm that these explosives can do has been increased by the addition of white phosphorous which ignites itself in air and when contacted by human flesh not only produces surface burns but is adsorbed to continue bodily and ultimately organ failure.
There seems to be no end to people employed in the military industrial complex to kill more extensively and cruelly. Surely all killing, no matter how chemistry is applied is extremely inhuman. The problem is that there is much economic interest in escalating the demand for military advantage in the full knowledge that no matter how expensive a more lethal weapon is, that large incomes can be made by the arms trade.
One can only wonder how the people in this business can rationalise the harm they do and whether they have any moral compass.
In one war it is estimated that it cost a million dollars to kill a single enemy or other victim. Attempts to make the use of particular weapons illegal are resisted by countries that have an interest in the export of arms. The research for even more arms effectiveness goes on without financial limitation.
I cannot help think that war is outmoded and a return to diplomacy is needed.