The 20 year birthday of the International Space Station has passed. This is a good time to recognise that humans do not belong in space. It is time to recognise that space research by humans has been overtaken by technology. Robots and AI can do a better, cheaper job in space. Life in space has a deleterious effect on human health. Muscles and bones deteriorate even with exercise routines taken to overcome this. Radiation from the sun, space junk, and asteroids are constant dangers to space travelers. Returning people to the moon and sending people to Mars just to show it can be done is just a form of wasteful showing off. The idea of doing this to obtain resources to be returned to earth is the height of nonsense. An exercise in calculating the engineering, transport and victualing costs show up the ridiculous nature of this. The requirements to support a human in space is many orders of magnitude greater than for a technological equivalent. It gets even worse when any attempt is made to do this for sending people off to colonise space with idea of maintaining human life somewhere when life on earth is impossible to maintain. It would be better use of our failing resources to extend life here when the end is nigh. It will certainly come even before the sun expands into a red dwarf and consumes the earth. Like our individual lives, all human life will die.
The cost of the space station placement is an extravagant use of energy when taking into account of the necessary production of global heating gases both in rocket exhausts and the manufacturing energy and material requirements. Rather than fantasize about space we should economize on energy use to delay the extinction of human life which is inevitable. We can lower down the heating of the earth and delay climate chaos by living a frugal life and not being a consumer for the sake of it.

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