Prayer Power.

I have heard that there is a hypothesis that a God exists that answers prayers for those who have faith (belief without evidence) in the God. I thought I would try it and prayed that the God would not answer any prayers that needed any super-natural intervention, and all previous promises by the God about prayer would be void. Any action prayed about would be left to natural laws and chance. Actually I don’t have any faith in a God and don’t like the idea that something is watching me and trying to supervise me, so I suppose my prayers wont be answered and the God might even do the opposite and do some supernatural actions.
All this produces a logical conundrum, does my prayer for cancelling the effectiveness of prayers mean that my prayer will not be answered? Will the prayers of the faithful override the effectiveness of unfaithful prayers? There seems to be evidence that prayers of the faithful that require super-natural intervention have not worked in the past. Does that mean that the prayerful are not faithful enough or that the God does not do as promised, or even that the God does not exist? Could the faithful establish the worth of their prayers by praying that their God will act and that I will receive a demonstration of the existence of that God by appearing to me that cannot be confused with a hallucination or a dream. It would be good to be able to take a photograph or record Gods voice for instance. In the interests of good science such a revelation should be repeatable and subject to testing. I will keep asking those who believe in prayer to pray for a good revelation to me. Any scientific hypothesis should be testable.

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