I have had an interesting life, but now in 2020 everybody is living in interesting times. Fires, floods, storms, and droughts are becoming regular events but long term problems of environmental destruction, climate chaos are added to with a pandemic virus. Now that is interesting. Rich nations have found that all versions of their secretive globalised capitalist systems are fragile, lacking in resilience that have led to an exponential rise of fatalities. The countries that have responded well to the exponential growth of infections have immediately applied socialist solutions and adopted degrees of a command economy. Thinking that economics is a science, we must conclude that because there are failures of the neo-liberal theories of deregulation, privatisation, minimalist government,’free’ markets, and an importance of only shareholder control and profit returns, then the neo-liberal ideology has proven without doubt to be a failure. In science, a falsification negates a theory and enables a search for a real truth.
At one extreme rigid capitalism and the other extreme a rigid command economy have resulted in extremes of wealth and power. A blend of ethical capitalism, socialism and some command economics with regulated maximum and minimum incomes would seem to be the way of an ethical future. With no individuals having any superior status, we need to extend democracy into the workplace. It is clear that optimum economics will be found in an egalitarian state with no extremes of wealth and poverty. When we come to approaching death every person should be able to look back on worthwhile life full of satisfying work, good experiences, a number of friends and family, and an understanding of the whole cosmos.
Taking a distant view of the fast changing human situation it should be clear that the changes will be so great that there will be no way back. To avoid a continuing chaos an effort to reach a just and resilient way of living will all people of goodwill to work toward a better society.

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