The growing stress shown in new jobs and its effect on peoples health is something to be concerned about. Some people are expected to work for long hours, under stress, and sometimes in dangerous conditions. Robots are taking over human work but that should not mean that people should be treated as machines. What is needed, is the requirement that work conditions and expectations should be determined by experts in human physiology alone.

Sleep is a human necessity so experts in human physiology should tell us how many hours we should work. This should take into account what kind of work is done. They must know how much sleep we need and when. They should know what harm is done by interrupted sleep and so set rules for having time for sleep. They should be able to determine how often we need to have a food and toilet breaks. I think that they could have an opinion as to the limit to how many days should be worked before a break.

They will know what degree of lighting levels are required for various types of work. As well as the light levels needed for safe human working, they should be able to tell us what temperature range is suitable and how clean the air must be, free from dust and chemicals. They must have a view on what weight lifting limits for people should be specified and how much physical work would make up a full day.

Some modern jobs like working at a computer need considering the danger of RSI and the need to be mobile, away from the computer from time to time as we know that sitting un-moving is bad for us. Physiologists should be the arbiters of such conditions. Work that requires a high level of concentration like pilots, traffic controllers, and drivers can need more frequent breaks and spells to limit concentrating work. It is physiologists that should determine that. The science of human physiology should be the arbiter of work conditions and hours.

Work at night when the body is at its lowest should be managed according to what the physiologists determine is reasonable. They should decide how changing shifts should consider human needs. While they are about making work rules, perhaps they should specify at what stage people performing different types of work should retire. Could they decide when people should stop work for their health?
Am I alone in my thoughts?

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