Biblical Nonsense.

Peter LaRuffa, who is one of the staff at the Grace Fellowship Church (USA) has said “If, somewhere within the Bible, I were to find a passage that said 2+2=5, I would believe it, accept it as true and then do my best to work it out and understand it.” If we counted 1,2,3,5 or 1,2,4,5 then the proposition would be true, but we count (in English) 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Ancient hunter/gathering people counted one, two, two-one, two-two, two-two-one or one, two, three, one-three, two-three, three-three. But the Pastor is putting his faith in something known to be wrong. That means we can not accept anything that Pastor says. Faith is the denial of observation so that a blind belief can be preserved.

I was sent to Bible classes but I must have seen through it early on because my parents dropped my attendance. So I have not been indoctrinated and lack much knowledge of Biblical content. I note that some clergy who read the Bible thoroughly are turned off and become atheistic. But with my poor knowledge of it, I know the Bible is wrong.

For someone who evaded the propaganda when young, there are many ridiculous things in the bible. A human formed from clay? Or a human (Lot’s wife) transmuting in the other way to another type of atom. Any change in the constituent atoms of the clay would not go to the majority of the elements in a human body. A person formed out of a human rib? A talking snake which doesn’t have vocal chords. No wonder that there are so many humourists and stand up comics that can have so much fun with religion. The Bible is a big resource for something to ridicule.

The earth does not contain enough water to cover the whole earth. That story about Noah is full of holes concerning how big the arc was and how it could be made to hold and feed animals for a long time. Still, there is geological evidence that a flood could have occurred to fill the Mediterranean and the Black Sea which happened so long ago that the truth could get corrupted. The original Bible has passed through many translations and copying before printing was invented that it cannot be trusted to be perfectly accurate. People with a good knowledge of the Bible have analyzed it and found such a considerable number of contradictions that it can only be treated as ancient stories written by people who had very limited knowledge or understanding of what was real. In mathematics a proposition can be proved to be false by the existence of contradictions.

A man swallowed by a fish and not suffocate? That is not possible. A person going away for 40 days without food and water could not survive. A human could not live for 900 years. Maybe it was 900 months as I am over 900 months age myself. Then Jesus Christ (if he really existed) did some magic tricks which have been done by modern magicians. I think the Bible is purely mythological.

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