That strange plant, what is it, pull out your cell phone and use the app that will tell you what it is. Our ancestors had an extensive knowledge of plants and what they could be used for. The dependance on an app shows that we are more ignorant than our ancestors. The same de-skilling is shown when we have to use an app pointed at the sky to tell us what stars our ancestors knew well. Now athletes use technology to track themselves and not depend on any skill.
This de-skilling through the dependence on technology has been a long trend. When clocks were invented and clock towers used to display time led to a dependence on clocks for time when once people could actually judge the passing of time and were free from the regimentation imposed by clock time.
Once upon a time explorers did not take TV crews with them but artists who could document their trip with very accurate drawing. That is a skill that has passed into history with the development of photography.
The typewriter and word-processing computers have eliminated the skill of writing, both the graphic side and composition.
Arithmetic skills have been eliminated by the dependance on cash registers and hand held calculators. This is just the start of skill elimination considering the use of computer aided design and engineering tools.
Financial skills have been replaced by financial computer apps and robo advisers.
Real cooking skills have been replaced by internet recipes and cooking demonstrations.
The real skills of musicians and public speaking have been devalued with the dependance of microphones and loud speakers.
Spacial awareness has been reduced by maps continuously presented by various technologies.
Many teachers on outdoor trips find that many children do not know how to wash and dry dishes at the camp because they are used to machines that do the washing. Computer drills have taken the place of skilled teaching.
Perhaps the worst of all is the de-skilling of socials skills by the dependance of young people on the internet social media. The effect of children’s use of I-Pads is:1. A lack of creativity, 2. A lack of curiosity and passion, 3. A lack of patience, 4. Lack of exercise, 5. Decreased test scores, 6. Lack of human connection.

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